About IDEA

Our mission is to actively contribute to improving the control and prevention of enteric diseases in Africa and Asia, with a priority focus on cholera.

Created in 2011, IDEA is an independent, multinational network of scientific and medical experts on enteric diseases in African and Asian countries. With a focus on surveillance, control and prevention, this multidisciplinary group helps define and implement effective measures to combat cholera and other enteric diseases.

How does IDEA work?

Our networks are active on two continents

Where cholera remains a major public health concern:

IDEA operates as a think tank

Sharing evidence-based information, experience and best practices in a bottom-up approach based on interaction, data collection, empowerment and advocacy. We seek to increase partnership and networking between countries, regional and international organizations.

Our Objectives

We seek to contribute to effective enteric diseases and cholera control, prevention and elimination efforts in Asia and Africa.

Expertise, strategic and technical advice

Guidance to policy makers

by suggesting tangible actions for integrated and operational plans at the local and regional levels

Evidence-based advocacy programs

to support interventions as part of comprehensive strategies to combat cholera and other enteric diseases

Our Role

IDEA brings together experts from 23 countries to provide a leading voice in the fight against cholera and enteric disease at the national and international levels. We are well-positioned to be a privileged partner:

Giving the voice to stakeholders

in the field through a transversal process to contribute to national and regional actions

Developing interdisciplinary

multi-sectoral and cross-border approaches through the sharing of knowledge, experience and practices

Designing initiatives

to complement and create synergies with other international and national actions

Our Initiatives

We develop initiatives to support national integrated plans against cholera and other enteric diseases. We seek to minimize the disease burden (morbidity, mortality, economic and social impact) due to cholera and enteric diseases and to improve health, hygiene and sanitation among affected populations. Our initiatives are designed to promote:

Knowledge sharing

Exchange of best practices

Collection and analysis of information about management, control and prevention strategies and resource allocation

Awareness raising

Capacity building

Resource mobilization for cholera prevention and control interventions

Liaising with national and international stakeholders

Advocacy, by encouraging countries to apply cholera prevention and control measures including vaccination


IDEA’s activities are conducted essentially through internal and external communication. We use a variety of means to communicate with stakeholders and IDEA members:

  • Meetings
  • Publications: reports, policy briefs, advocacy and guidance documents
  • Forums to share information: creating a platform for stakeholders from cholera-prone countries allows them to share evidence-based information, experience and practices.
  • Materials to promote education, training and awareness-raising
  • Technical support for local situations

Engaging with stakeholders

As an independent, multidisciplinary group, IDEA develops initiatives that interest many different stakeholders at the international, national and regional level:

  • Policy makers
  • Decision makers
  • Partners in the fight against cholera and other enteric diseases (i.e., government agencies, health practitioners, educators, scientists, etc.)
  • International organizations & NGOs
  • Professional organizations
  • Donor agencies
  • Philanthropic organizations and foundations
  • Religious and community leaders
  • Private corporations (Corporate Social Responsibility departments)